161.When did you get married?你是什么时候结婚的?

  162.What's your marital status?你的婚姻状况如何?

  163.What does your husband do?你的丈夫从事什么工作?

  164.How long have you been married?你结婚多长时间了?

  165.What is your plan for the future?你未来的计划是什么?

  166.How do you see yourself in ten years?未来十年你如何定位你自己?

  167.Do you have any plans for further education?你有计划继续深造吗?

  168.What is your long-range career objective?你的长远职业目标是什么?

  169.Do you have a clear career path to follow?你想好职业发展道路了吗?



  170.What are your long-term goals set for yourself?你的长期目标是什么?

  171.Do you have a clear career path to follow?你想好职业发展道路了吗?

  172.What are your plans if you were hired?如果你被聘用,你的打算是什么?

  173.What will you do if you fail to get a job?如果你找不到工作,你会怎么做?

  174.Where do you want to be 5 years from now in your career?五年内你的事业想达到什么水平?

  175.Can you tell me if you will get married and have a baby in the near future?你在近期会结婚生孩子吗?

  176.What do you expect to achieve in your study if you are enrolled?如果你被录取,你希望在你的学习中取得什么成绩?


  177.There is no hurry to get married.不急于结婚。

  178.I'd like to get an MBA eventually.我最终想取得MBA学位。

  179.I'm very interested in participating in the program.我非常想参加这个项目。

  180.In the long run, I hope to be an entrepreneur.长远来看,我希望能为一名企业家。

  181.I don't think I will have any baby within three years.我想3年之内我不会要小孩。

  182.We planed to have a baby after buying our new apartment.我们打算买了新房后再生孩子。

  183.I hope to spend a few years working in some famous companies.我希望花若干年时间在一些知名的企业工作。

  184.In order to achieve this goal,I just want to work step by step.为了达到这个目标,我只想一步一步地踏实工作。

  185.We are going to get married when both of our careers are staying stable.我们打算等两个人事业都稳定下来再结婚。

  186.I understand your company has a program to send selected employees to business school overseas.我知道贵公司有一个派员工到国外商学院就读的项目,

  187.I wish to move up to higher positions with acquisition of more experi¬ence in the future.我希望将来随着获得越来越多的经验而能步步高升。

  188.I would like to work my way up to a junior management position with a company such as yours.我希望将来能在您这样的公司里担任高级管理职务。

  189.I plan to continue working for a long time. My career is the most important to me.我也打算继续长期工作。对我来说我的事业是最重要的。

  190.I hope to command a skill, to set a solid foundation and to build my interpersonal network.我希望掌握一些技能,为自己的发展打下坚实的基础,建立人脉关系。