191.Any other qusetions?还有其他的问题吗?

  192.Is this base salary only?这是底薪吗?

  193.Is this a firm offer?这是确定的薪资吗?

  194.May I ask about the salary? 我可以问一下薪水吗?

  195.May I ask about the insurance? 我可以问一下保险吗?

  196.I know the importance of insurance.我知道保险的重要性。

  197.3000 yuan per month during the trial period.试用期内每月3000元。

  198.How about the salary after the trial period?试用期以后的薪水呢?

  199.Do you mind if I ask about the wages?您不介意我问问工资情况吧?

  200.Are there any additional year-end bonuses?是否有任何额外的年终奖金?

  201.We offer a premium according to your performance.根据你的表现会发奖金。

  202.What starting salary would you expect here?你希望在我们这里的起薪是多少?

  203.The salary I should require would be 300,000 a year.希望年薪能达到三十万元。

  204.Do we enjoy life insurance and medical benefits?我们享受人寿保险和医疗保险吗?

  205.We offer healthe insurance and unemployment insurance.我们提供健康险及失业险。

  206.Could you please tell me something about the wages?您能不能跟我说说工资的情况?

  207.Is there a possibility for bonuses and stock options?未来可能有奖金和员工配股吗?

  208.I'd like to have the salary which matches my ability.对于薪资,我希望与自己的能力相符。

  209.Do you know anything about the benefits our company offers?你知道我们公司提供什么福利吗?

  210.I should require a commencing salary of 3000 Yuan a month.我需要的薪金起点是每个月3000元。

  211.As for welfare, my only hope is enjoying medical subsidies.关于福利,本人唯一的希望就是享受医疗补助。

  212.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.我愿意见习几个月,这只需要低水平的薪金。

  213.Based on my skills and experience, I am looking for 4000 yuan a month.根据我的能力和经验,我希望月薪是4000元。

  214.I expect a high consideration which suits my ability and goals.我希望薪资可以高一些,符合我自己的能力以及目标。

  215.How many days of sick leave, vacation time, and holidays are provided?贵公司提供多少天的病假,特休假,跟公司假?

  216.As regards salary, I leave it to you to decide after experience of my capacity.关于薪水,请你们考验本人能力后再作定夺。

  217.We have a semi-annual bonus and we have two-week paid vacation a year, as well.我们半年发一次奖金。一年还有两周的带薪假期。

  218.If you are entitled to sickness allowance, you must claim it from your employer.如果你有病假补贴的话,那么你应该向老板申请索要。

  219.I don’t care very much about salary. What means more to me is the policy and working environment the company is offering and supplying me with.我对工资并不是太看重。对我来讲,公司制度和工作环境更重要。

  220.Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet, I should consider 6000 Yuan a month appropriate.虽然让我决定我所能得到的薪水标准比较困难,但是,我还是认为一个月6000元对我来说比较合适。