今日天气如何? How s the weather today? What s the weather like in New York? What s it like outside today? The skies are usually clear over your city, aren tthey?大家那里一般天气晴朗,是不是?
天气晴朗。 It s a fine day. It s sunny. The sun is shining brightly. How nice the weather is!
看上去要雨天 It looks like rain. It seems that the rain is coming. It s going to rain. The rain is setting in.刚开始下大雨。
她告诉我大家城内多雾.是不是? I heard that your city has a lot of fog. Is that true?
We have a few foggy days each winter, but Iwouldn t say that we have a lot of fog. 冬季大家有一些多雾的天气,但并不是许多 。
这雪得非常大。 It s raining hard. It s raining heavily. It s raining cats and dogs. The rain is pouring down. What a heavy rain It is raining off and on.雨时停当下。
这儿夏季常常雨天吗? Does it often rain here in summer? Is there a lot of rain in this region in summer? How much rain did you have last month? 上月大家这儿下了是多少雨? What s the yearly average rainfall in/of New York? 纽约市的年均值降水量多少钱?