大家这儿的....种类齐全。 We have a large assortment of them.
We have a great variety of shoes in stock. 大家的鞋种类齐全。
We have a very wide selection of watches. 大家的腕表类型齐备。
Our range of socks is the most comprehensive avail-able.大家棉袜的种类一应俱全。
You name it.(凡你可以出的)一应俱全。
如今断货。 All out now, please come earlier tomorrow. 全卖光了,明日尽早快来。
I am afraid we are out of them today. 也许这类产品今日所有卖出了。
I m afraid we don t have any of the kind on hand. 现阶段大家手里沒有这类货。
I m sorry, toasters are out of stock. 抱歉,全自动面包机脱硝了。
I m sorry we don t stock such items. 抱歉这类产品现阶段没现货交易。
We ve sold out of coffee.现磨咖啡已售罄。
We ve run short of loose-leaf notebooks. 活页笔记本如今断货。
.....要多少钱? How do you sell the watermelons?甜瓜要多少钱?
How much do I owe you?
How much do you charge/ask for it?
How much do you want for it?
How much does the bill come to?

议价 That s a bit more than I wanted to pay. 这比我觉得给的价钱高。
That s too dear/steep/not reasonable.太贵了。
Can you give me a better price?能划算一点吗?
Can I get a discount?能够 折扣吗?
Come on, give me a break on this. 不要这样,你就要一点儿价吧。
I m sure you can do better than that. 我毫无疑问你能再划算些。
My! That s a fortune!天呐!太贵了!
Sheer robbery!太贵了!
I don t think I could afford to spend so much moneyfor this jewel.
You have to strike a balance if you wish to get some-where.