Kindly note that we will update the price when the exchange rate fluctuates more than XX%. 在汇率波动XX下,会再一次更新价格。(应和客户约定,如果汇率波动超出协定的比例,应该共同承担风险)

  fluctuate 波动

  ➠ 进阶型

  Price validity is 10 days from the date of PI / offer due to currency fluctuation. If the order is confirmed after due date, the unit price will be revised according to the daily exchange rate. 由于汇率波动,报价有效期为合同/报价日期起的10天内。如果订单在有效期后才确认,价格会相应按照即时汇率调整。


  ①price validity 报价有效期

  ②from the date .. to 从哪天到哪天

  ③due to 由于

  ④currency fluctuation 汇率波动

  ⑤due date 到期日

  ⑥according to 根据

  ⑦daily exchange rate 实时汇率/即时汇率/当日汇率