1.Know your audience
Know what your audience is concerned about. Your speech should match the listener's knowledge and interest. If you are an expert speaking to the general audience, please be sure to speak simply and easily. If you are a manager who talks with a staff who has recently experienced a layoff, make sure you understand their concerns.

2.Narrow your topic
A good speech will only contain one thing. Even if your speech is a wedding toast, your point is that the bride and groom. Have a specific focus and make sure everything you say supports it.
好的演讲总是包括一件事。即便 你的演讲是一个婚礼祝词,你的见解便是新娘子和新郎官为相互而存有。有一个特殊的关键,并保证你觉得的一切适用它。

3.Get the attention of the room
Your opening should attract all listeners. Attract them with a unique personal story about your subject.

4.Organize your speech
Organize your speech according to your goals. If your goal is to tell anything, try chronological or alphabetical order. When your goal is to persuade your audience to stand, introduce the problem and then propose a solution. Use the conversion between your examples, so others can follow your logic.
依据你的目标来机构你的演讲。假如您的目标是告之什么事情,请试着按時间排列顺序或按字母顺序排序。当您的目标是说动您的观众站起时,详细介绍难题,随后明确提出解决方法。应用您的实例中间的变换,因此 他人能够遵照你的逻辑性。

5.Offer examples, statistics and quotations
You need evidence to support what you say. Try to start with history, the current events and examples of your own life. Consult to government statistics, citing some experts' words. Do not over quotations, most of the words in your speech should be your own. To confirm your factual basis - inaccurate will destroy your credibility.
你需要直接证据支持你常说得话。试着从历史时间,当今的恶性事件与你自身的日常生活的事例下手。参照政府部门数据分析,引入使一些权威专家的语句。不必太过引入,你演讲中的绝大多数话都应当就是你自身的。确定你的客观事实根据 - 不精确可能毁坏你的信誉度。

6.Use presentation aids if appropriate
Charts can quickly convey data, and photos can be more convincing. Put your visual effects into your speech to make it more powerful. Know what technology will allow you to share these visual effects. And be prepared to do without them, in case something goes wrong with the equipment.

在职人员在工作中存活不易,一句话讲错都很有可能为之后种下安全隐患,因此 多办事,会讲话,才算是初入职场存活的压根了解。