1.爱屋及乌 Love me, love my dog.
2.百闻不如一见 (事实胜于雄辩)Seeing is believing.
3.比下有余比上不足 worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst.
4.勤能补拙 A slow sparrow should make an early start.
5.无眠之夜 white night
6.不以物喜不以己悲 not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses
7.竭尽全力 spare no effort; go all out; do one's best
8.不打不交易量 No discord, no concord.
9.拆东补西 rob Peter to pay Paul
10.送旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new
11.小事化了,大事化小 try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all
12.惊叹不已 open one's eyes; broaden one's horizon; be an eye-opener
13.国富民强 The country flourishes and people live in peace
14.物极必反 going too far is as bad as not going far enough; beyond is as wrong as falling short; too much is as bad as too little
15.有志者事竟成 Everything comes to him who waits.
16.好啦疤痕忘记了疼 once on shore, one prays no more
17.好事不出门缺德事传万里 Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide.
18.和气生财 Harmony brings wealth.
19.活到老学到老付出就有回报 One is never too old to learn.
20.既往不咎 let bygones be bygones
21.人无完人,人非圣贤 Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect.
22.花开富贵 Treasures fill the home.
23.踏踏实实 be down-to-earth
24.脚踩两只船 sit on the fence
25.君子之交淡如水 the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green
26.老调重弹,文不对题 cut and dried, cliché,stereotype
27.以礼相待 Courtesy calls for reciprocity.
28.胜败乃兵家常事,有得必有失 Where there is life, there is hope.
29.马到功成 achieve immediate victory; win instant success
30.大福大贵 gain in both fame and wealth