1. What is the handling fee? 手续费是多少?
2. How much do you want to change? 你想换多少钱?
3. What denomination do you want? 你要什么面额的?
4. What currency do you want to change? 你想换什么货币?
5. What money do you want to redeem? 你想兑换多少钱?
6.Can you tell me where I can change my money? 你能告诉我在哪里可以换钱吗?
7. Please exchange these foreign currencies for US dollars! 请把这些外币兑换成美元!
8.What time is your business hours? 你的营业时间是几点?
9.I still have to change a little more. 我还得再换一点。
10.Can you redeem it into Australian Dollar? 你能把它兑换成澳元吗?
11.Please give me a map? 请给我一张地图?
12.Good. Sorry, where are we now? 很好。对不起,我们现在在哪里?
13. Excuse me, sir, can you tell me how to get to the Sheraton Hotel recently? 对不起,先生,请问最近怎么去喜来登饭店?
14. Is there a toilet nearby? 附近有厕所吗?
15.Is there an ATM near you? 你附近有自动取款机吗?
16.Where should I get on the bus? 我应该在哪里上车?
17. Can you show me the menu? 你能给我看看菜单吗?
18.Is there a Chinese menu? 有中国菜吗?
19.I haven't thought about anything yet. 我什么都没想。
20. What is your signature dish? 你的招牌菜是什么?
21.I want to order local wine. 我想点本地葡萄酒。
22.How far is it from here? 离这儿有多远?
23.Can you get it? 你能拿到吗?
24.How to get there is the most convenient? 怎么去那里最方便?
25.What is this street called? 这条街叫什么?
26.What is the cost per night? 每晚多少钱?
27.Can I book a double room? 我能订一间双人房吗?
28. How long will the aircraft be delayed? 飞机将延误多长时间?
29.When is the new boarding time? 新的登机时间是什么时候?
30. Is the plane faulty? 飞机有毛病吗?
31.The flight will take four hours. 这趟航班需要四个小时。
32.Your flight was delayed due to heavy rain. 由于大雨,你的航班延误了。
33. It seems that I have to stay here fornight. 看来我得在这儿过夜。
34. What time is there for the next flight? 下一班飞机几点起飞?
35.It is said that it will be notified later. 据说以后会通知的。
36. Want me to help? 要我帮忙吗?
37.Depending on the situation. 视情况而定。
38.This is possible to be posted on anyone. 这可能会被贴在任何人身上。
39.Do you want it? 你想要吗?
40. Please enjoy it slowly. 请慢慢享受。
41.That's for sure. 那是肯定的。
42.Thank you for your reminder. 谢谢你的提醒。
43.Thank you for your cooperation. 谢谢你的合作。
44.The sooner the better. 越快越好。
45.That's the case. 就是这样。
46. Think twice before you do. 三思而后行。
47.Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空吗?
48.I really regret it. 我真的很后悔。
49.Let him call me back. 让他给我回电话。
50.We can solve this problem. 我们可以解决这个问题。