1.Do I have to make a reconfirmation? 我要再确定吗?2.Is there any earlier one?也有更早一点的吗?

3.Could you tell me my reservation number, please?麻烦你告诉我我的预订号好吗?

4.Can I get a seat for todays 7:00 a.m. train?我可以购到今天早上7点的火车座位吗?

5.Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo?你要变更一下从纽约到日本东京的飞机航班日期好吗?

6.Is there any discount for the USA Railpass?列车通行卡有折扣优惠吗?

7.May I reconfirm my flight?我可以确定我的飞机航班吗?

8.Are they all non-reserved seats?她们所有不预订的吗?

9.Do I have to reserve a seat?我一定要预订坐位吗?

10.May I see a timetable?我可以看车时刻表吗?

11.How long will I have to wait? 我想等多长时间呢?

12.Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?你喜爱哪一种,抽烟座還是严禁吸烟座呢?

13.Do you have any other flights?大家也有别的飞机航班吗?

14.When would you like to leave?你要何时走?

15.Can I reconfirm by phone?我可以电話确定吗?

16.Where can I make a reservation?我到哪里可以预订?

17.Do I need a reservation for the dining car?我需要预订餐饮车吗?

18.How many more minutes will it take for the train to arrive?列车也要是多少分鐘就需要抵达呢?

19.Is this a daily flight?这是每日飞机航班吗?

20.Excuse me. May I get by?抱歉,我可以进入车内吗?

21.How much does it cost to go there by ship?坐船到那边要花多少钱?

22.Can I cancel this ticket? 我可以撤消这票吗?

23.Check it to my final destination把它拖运到我的到达站。

24.Please come to the airport by eight thirty at the latest.最晚要在8点30分抵达飞机场。

25.Take your baggage to the baggage section.将你的行李箱取得行李房去。

26.Please open your baggage.请把你行李箱开启。

27.Please fill in this disembarkation card.你要填好这张入境卡。

28.Let me see your passport, please.请让我看看你的护照签证。

29.I have come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.我特意为大家分配使大家北京的停留开心。

30.Youre going out of your way for us, I believe.相信这是对大家的特殊政策了。

31.Its just the matter of the schedule, that is, if it is convenient of you right now.假如大家觉得便捷得话,我觉得如今讨论一下日程分配的难题。

32.I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.我觉得现在可以先拟订一具临时性计划方案。

33.If he wants to make any changes, minor alternations can be made then.假如他有哪些建议,大家还能够对方案稍稍改动。

34.Did you hear about the new project? 你了解那一个最新项目吗?

35.Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off? 你了解这种衬衣都卖五折了没有?

36.Are you mind if I take tomorrow off? 你在意我明日休假吗?

37.I enjoy working with you very much. 我喜欢和你一起工作中。

38.Did you know that Stone ended up marrying his secretary? 你清楚吗?斯通最后和他的文秘结了婚。

39.Let’s get together for lunch. 让我们一起吃顿午饭吧。

40.How did you do on your test? 你此次考試的結果怎样?

41.Do you think you can come? 你认为你可以来吗?

42.How was your weekend ? 你礼拜天过得如何?

43.Here is my card. 这是我的名片。

44.He is used to eating out all the time. 他早已习惯性在外面用餐了。

45.I’m getting a new computer for birthday present. 我获得一台电脑上作生日礼品。

46.Have you ever driven a BMW? 你有没有开过“宝马五系”?

47.How about if we go tomorrow instead? 大家改为明日去如何?

48.How do you like Hong Kong? 你喜爱中国香港吗?

49.How do you want your steak? 你的牛扒要一些熟?

50.How did the game turn out? 足球比赛結果怎样?

51.How did Mary make all of her money? 玛丽莱全部的钱是怎么挣到的?

52.How was your date? 你的幽会如何?

53.How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新领导处得怎样?

54.How should I tell him the bad news? 我该怎样对他说这一噩耗?

55.How much money did you make? 你赚了要多少钱?

56.How much does it cost to go abroad? 出国留学需要多少钱?

57.How long will it take to get to your house? 到家里要多长时间?

58.How long have you been here? 你在这儿多长时间了?

59.How nice/pretty/cold/funny/stupid/boring/interesting.真棒!

60.How about going out for dinner? 出来吃晚餐怎样?

61.I’m sorry that you didn’t get the job. 很遗憾,你没有获得那份工作。

62.I’m afraid that it’s not going to work out. 我也许这事不容易成的。

63.I guess I could come over. 我想我能来。

64123 it okay to **oke in the office? 在办公室里吸烟行吗?

65.It was kind of exciting. 有点儿剌激。

66.I know what you want. 我明白你喜欢什么。

67.123 that why you don’t want to go home? 这就是你想回家的缘故吗?

68.I’m sure we can get you a great / good deal. 我很毫无疑问我们可以帮你制成一笔好买卖。

69.Would you help me with the report? 你想要给我写汇报吗?

70.I didn’t know he was the richest person in the world.我也不知道他是全世界最有钱的人。

71.I’ll have to ask my boss/wife first.我务必先问一下我的老板/媳妇。

72.I take it you don’t agree. 那么来说,我觉得你不是愿意。

73.I tried losing weight, but nothing worked. 我曾经尝试减肥瘦身,可是毫无效果。

74.It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early.那麼早起來沒有一切实际意义。

75.It took years of hard work to speak good English. 讲一口流利英语必须很多年的勤奋好学练习。

76.It feels like spring/ I’ve been here before. 觉得好像春天来了/我之前来过这儿。

77.I wonder if they can make it. 我在想她们是否能办得到。

78.It’s not as cold / hot as it was yesterday. 今日不愿昨日那麼冷/热。

79.It’s not his work that bothers me; it’s his attitude. 困惑我的不是他的工作中,只是他的心态。

80.It sounds like you enjoyed it. 听起来你好像蛮喜爱的。

81.After you.你先请。

82. Don’t take it to heart.别往内心去,别因而而费心。

83. We’d better be off.大家该离开了。

84. Let’s face it.接受现实吧。

85. Let’s get started.我们逐渐干吧。

86. I’m really dead.我确实要累坏。

87. I’ve done my best.我已经尽力了。

88. Is that so?简直那般的吗?

89. Don’t play games with me.别跟我耍花招。

90. I don’t know for sure.我不会准确了解。

91.I’m not going to kid you.不是我跟你玩笑的。

92.That’s really something.太棒了,棒极了。

93.Do you really mean it?这话真的?

94.You are a great help!你帮了百忙了!

95.I couldn’t be more sure.我从此毫无疑问但是了。

96.What's your working day like?你一天的工作中是如何的?

97.I have a typical 9 to 5 job.一般我早上9点工作,中午5点下班了。

98.I work a little longer than 9 to 5 most days.大部分情况下我工作時间全是超出早9晚5。

[注解]:work 9 to 5 早9晚5

99.Do you have paid overtime?加班加点有加班工资吗?

100.We do expect you to do a little overtime if there’s something important to do.如果有关键的事儿,我们都是期待你可以天赋加点班的。