“For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your school newspaper on a volunteer activity organized by yous Student Union to help elderly people in the neighborhood. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.”
In order to celebrate the Festival of Ascending High, the Students' Union organized a volunteer activity to help elderly people in its neighborhood on Oct. 17th.

Volunteers made full use of their strengths and offered various services during the activity. Medical students offered to take blood pressure and measure heart rate, psychology majors counseled the elderly on their mental issues, and those from the fashion and design department made comfortable clothes for the old. Even questions concerning how to avoid being cheated financially were covered in the activity.

The activity received high praise from both the aged and the students. The former said that this was the best services they had ever experienced. The latter, on the other hand, believed that this had been a perfect chance for them to apply what they had learned to real life situations, and they felt proud that their professional knowledge could be of use and the activity made them feel needed.
"Glory belongs to the workers." The enlightenment of this saying is not lost in our era but surrendering to temptation seems rife. Last weekend, on the arrival of the International Labor Day, a volunteer activity was held by the Student Union of our college to pay a visit to the local farm in the neighborhood.

The volunteers were divided into two groups to take part in different farm work. Some went into the farmland to help with the harvesting of the winter wheat, while others visited the greenhouse to witness the growth of counter-season vegetables. Every one of the volunteers reported a great sense of accomplishment by the end of this activity.

“By organizing this activity, we hope the students could get to know more about the rural area and the farmers, and to appreciate the farmers and their honorable contributions.” said Li Ming, the Secretary of the Student Union.
In order to celebrate Children's Day, the Students' Union organized a visit to the local Hope elementary school on Jun. 1st.

Volunteers made full use of their strengths and came up with various activities during the visit. Students of excellence shared with pupils their experience in learning sciences and literature. Chemistry and physics majors attracted pupils with experiments involving the change of colors, shapes, sizes and so on. PE majors showed all kinds of moves and tricks with basketball, football, and Ping-Pong. Art students taught pupils drawing skills, especially how to draw their favorite cartoon characters, as well as some new songs, including one English song.

The activity received high praise from both the elementary school and the students. Pupils were amazed at what they saw, heard and learned and said that was the best Children's Day they had ever had, according to the headmaster of the school. The latter, on the other hand, believed that this had been a perfect chance for them to apply what they had learned to real life situations, and they felt proud that their professional knowledge could be of use and the visit made them feel needed.
Section A
1: [A] He set a record by swimming to and from an island.
2: [A] He doubled the reward.

3: [B] To encourage late marriage.
4: [D] They will not come into immediate effect.
5: [C] A new company to clean up the mess after parties.
6: [B] It leaves the house in a mess.
7: [D] Expand their business.
这篇新闻主要讲的是两个新西兰女孩创业,做house party的家政业务,业务即将拓展到海外,诸如美国和加拿大。本篇听力主要考查学生对新闻主旨的理解,以及对两个女孩创业原因以及目前发展情况的理解。做这3道题都可以使用答案提示词进行定位,第5题使用however,第6题使用but,第7题使用also。
Section B
8: [C] He took the driver’s theory exam.
9: [A] He was net well prepared.
10: [B] They are costly.
11. [A] Pass his road test the first time.

12: [C] Leeds’ tuition for international students.
13: [D] Pursue postgraduate studies.
14: [B] His outstanding musical talent.
15: [D] Teach overseas.
Section C
16: [C] Only a few species cause troubles to humans.
17: [B] They can cause damages to people’s homes.
18: [A] Deny them access to any food.
做短文要利用好答案提示词和句型,做第18题利用起强调作用的答案提示词组most important of all以及表并列的提示词also可以得出答案。

19: [D] The change in people’s immune system as they get older.
20: [B] Offer blood samples.
21: [C] Helping improve old people’s health conditions.

22: [D] A group of kids were playing chess after school.
23: [C] Participate in national chess competition.
24: [A] Most of them come from low-income families.
25: [B] Think twice before taking actions.
试卷一:Ships are often sunk in order to create underwater reefs (暗礁) perfect for scuba driving (水肺式潜泳) and preserving marine 26 .
26. G) habitats
27. M) stripped
28. A) create
29. L) stretches
30. C) eventually
31. F) exterior
32. J) investment
33. O) victim
34. I) intentionally
35. E) exploring
试卷二:The center of American automobile innovation has in the past decade moved 2,000 miles away. It has 26 from Detroit to Silicon Valley, where self-driving vehicles are coming into life.
26. H) migrated
27. A) bid
28. G) legislation
29. D) dominance
30. I) replace
31. N) sponsor
32. J) represent
33. E) fleets
34. B) contrast
35. K) restrictive
26 C) brutal
27 I) image
28 K) refined
29 J) literally
30 A) acquired
31 B) adaptations
32 O) thrive
33 G) habitats
34 F) extends
35 M) speculate
试卷一:Make stuff, fail , and learn while you're at it
36 E a maker space is where
37 L the teacher’s role is enhanced
38 H coming up with an idea of
39 F contrary to structured learning
40 A America is a nation known for
41 J making will be boring
42 G making can be related to a project
43 N the author suggests incorporating the idea
44 D the maker concept is a modern
45 I making is not taken
试卷二:Living with parents edges out other living arrangement for 18-to-34-year-olds
36 H unemployed young men are more likely to
37 E in 2014, the percentage of men aged 18to 34
38 G the percentage of young people who are married
39 B around the mid-20th century
40 K young adults with a college degree
41 F young men are less likely to
42 I more young adult women live
43 H the percentage of young men
44 J the rise in the number of college students
45 G one reason for young adults
试卷三:How work will change when most of us live to 100
36 I an extended lifespan in the future
37 G just extending one’s career
38 D nowadays ,many Americans have
39 N Because of their longer lifespan
40 A many more people will be expected
41 K A longer life will cause
42 H fast technological change makes
43 F many people may not
44 M the close between age
45 C people living a longer and healthier
Passage one most kids grow up
46. C) Cover the walls of an old house with graffiti.
47. D) They are mostly passers-by.
48. B) They expressed their thoughts in graffiti on the theme of each session.
49. A) It is a historical site that attracts tourists and artists.
50. D) It has created some meaningful artistic works.
Passage two
51. A) Patients may not be able to carry them through for effective cure.
52. C) Their easy and inexpensive access by patients.
53. A) Online CBT programs are no more effective than regular care from physicians.
54. B) Their effectiveness should not be overestimated.
55. D) Human interaction.
Passage one pew research
46 D they are just as intelligent and innovative as men
47 C their failures may have something to do with family duties
48 B Gender bias
49 D people have opposing opinions as to whether women will make good leaders
50 A a woman in the highest position of government
Passage Two people’s height
51B there has been a marked increase in most countries
52Cit impacts more on an individual than ona population
53A they tend to live longer
54B they are actually shouter than their earlier generations
55D ensure our children grow up in an ideal environment
Passage one Vow 誓约
46A they may not guarantee a lasting marriage
47B they can become increasingly vulnerable to serious
48B they are more likely to get divorced
49A they are more accustomed to receiving care
50C providing extra care for divorced women
Passage Two Sibling
51B unhappy
52A it is related to the way our memories work
53D similar pronunciation of names
54D it most often occurs within a relationship group
55C they communicate more with their children
Paper-cutting is a unique form of Chinese folk arts with a history of 2,000 years. Paper-cutting probably originated in the Han Dynasty when paper had been invented. Since then, it has gained popularity in many parts of China. The materials and tools used for paper-cutting are simple: paper and scissors. Paper-cutting works are often made of red paper, because red is associated with happiness in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, in festive occasions like weddings and the Spring Festival, red-colored paper-cut is a top choice for door and window decoration.
灯笼起源于东汉,最初主要用于照明。在唐代,人们用红灯笼来庆祝安定的生活。从那时起,灯笼在中国的许多地方流行起来。灯笼通常用色彩鲜艳的薄纸制作, 形状和尺寸各异。在中国传统文化中,红灯笼象征生活的美满和生意兴隆,通常在春节、元宵节和国庆节等节日期间悬挂。如今,世界上许多其他地方也能看到红灯笼。
Lanterns originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty and were first mainly used for lighting. In the Tang Dynasty, people used red lanterns to celebrate a peaceful and stable life. From then on, lanterns have become popular in many parts of China. Lanterns are usually made from brightly-colored thin paper in different shapes and sizes. In traditional Chinese culture, red lanterns symbolize a happy life and a prosperous business. They are often hung up during festivals like the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and China’s National Day. Today, you can also see red lanterns in many other areas of the world.
舞狮作为中国传统民间表演已有2000多年历史。在狮子舞中,两位表演者同披一件狮子服,一个舞动头部, 另一个舞动身体和尾巴。他们熟练配合,模仿狮子的各种动作。狮子是兽中之王,象征幸福和好运,所以人们通常在春节和其他节日期间表演狮子舞。狮子舞也可能出现在其他重要场合,如商店开业和结婚典礼,往往吸引许多人观赏。
Lion dance, as a traditional folk performance in China, has a history of over 2,000 years. During the dance, there are two performers wearing a lion costume, with one controlling the head and the other controlling the body and the tail. They cooperate with each other skillfully and imitate various movements of a lion. Lion, as the King of the Beasts, symbolizes happiness and good fortune. Therefore, lion dance is often performed during the Spring Festival and other festivals. It may also appear in other important occasions like business openings and wedding ceremonies, which attracts many people to watch.