1. 请别人帮忙(发文件等等)

  At your convenience, would you please send me.....

  最后加上Thank you for your assistance.


  2. 寻求意见:

  Our team would appreciate your insights/input on.....

  Due to the short time frame for this proposal, prompt reply is greatly appreciated.


  3. 取消会议:

  I want to be mindful of your time and we don’t have any updates at this point; therefore I suggest that we cancel/reschedule today's meeting. If you disagree or need assistance, please let us know.

  My apologies for the late notice, but i need to reschedule tomorrow's call. There remain a few open items we need to address, therefore i will send out a new invite once we agree upon a time.


  4. 对方发邮件问问题时

  回答完加上:Hope this answers your question. Let me know if further detail/explanation would be helpful.


  5. 会议总结:

  Thank you for making time on a very busy Friday afternoon to join our discussion. i hope we were able to provide clarity on......Attached is a summary of what we discussed today.


  6. 道歉:

  My sincere apology for this unfortunate situation; I will address to my team immediately.

  Again,please accept my most sincere apology.


  7. 跟客户分享项目进展以后,建议电话详谈

  Once these final steps are finished, I would suggest having a brief call to discuss our findings and recommendations for next steps. Would you please provide a few times the week of XXX that work within your schedule and I will send the calendar invite?


  8. 文件打了草稿,请求上司过目

  Attached is the drafted xx file. It is still a work in process but I would like to see if anything immediately stood out to you as odd or worthy of follow-up.


  9. 分享2个不错的automatic reply,去旅游或者外地开会的时候可以用:

  Thank you for your e-mail. I will be out of the office on vacation from XXX - XXX with no access to e-mails. I apologize for any delay in response to your e-mail. I will respond to your e-mail as quickly as I can when I return to the office on Monday, April 18th. Thanks!

  Thank you for your e-mail. I am out of the office in meetings on XXX and XXX with limited access to e-mail. If you need immediate assistance, please contact me via my mobile phone. Thank you!


  10. 指点下属

  Thanks for preparing the XXX. I made the following updates to the question responses. We can discuss my thought process when I am in the office on Monday.

  XXX, good job! I have reviewed the XXX documents and have the following review comments:

  (将做好的文件交给老板检查以后,通常会有Review Comments,就是列出需要改的部分)


  11. 邮件问好 (美国人好喜欢用hope 哈哈)

  周一/二可用:I hope that your week is off to a great start.

  Hope you had a great weekend.

  万能的:Hope you’re well/Hope you are doing well.I hope this message finds you well.