相关知识点:One of the most important questions that every student a立刻说s is how to improve your English. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people. Each learner has different objectives, and has different approaches. Let's begin with the three most important rules to help guide you. You'll find further ideas below.


Rule 1: Be Patient - Learning English is a Process


The most important rule to remember is that learning English is a process. It takes time, and it takes lots of patience! If you are patient, you will improve your English.


Rule 2: Make a Plan


The most important thing to do is to create a plan and follow that plan. Start with your English learning goals, and then make a specific plan to succeed. Patience is key to improving your English, so go slowly and focus on your goals.


Rule 3: Make Learning English a Habit


It's absolutely necessary that learning English becomes a habit. In other words, you should work on your English every day. It's not necessary to study grammar every day. However, you should listen, watch, read or speak English every day - even if it's for a short period of time. It's much better to learn 20 minutes a day than to study for two hours twice a week.


Suggestions on How to Learn English


1.Choose your materials well. You will need reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening materials.


2.Find friends to study and speak with. Learning English together can be very encouraging.


3.Relate grammar to practical usage. Grammar by itself does not help you USE the language. You should practice what you are learning by employing it actively.


4.Move your mouth! Understanding something doesn't mean the muscles of your mouth can produce the sounds. Practice speaking what you are learning aloud. It may seem strange, but it is very 立刻说fective. Exercises like tongue twisters can help improve your flexibility.


5.Choose listening and reading materials that relate to what you are interested in. Being interested in the subject will make learning more enjoyable - thus more 立刻说fective.


6.Use reading to help with other English 立刻说ills. Reading can be used to help with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and much more.


7.Use the Internet. The Internet is the most exciting, unlimited English resource that anyone could imagine and it is right at your finger tips.