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1.Could you repeat that零基础英语学习要多少钱,please?

2.Could you say that again,please?

3.I'm afraid I didn't quite hear what you said.

4.Please say it again.

5.Please say it once more.

6.Would you repeat what you said,please?

7.Sorry,what did you say?

8.I'm sorry,would you mind repeating that,please?

9.I was just a立刻说英语ing when you're leaving.

10.What I'm trying to say is,I love you.

Dialogue One

A:I went to the doctor yesterday.

B:I beg your pardon?

A:I said I had been to the doctor the day b立刻说英语ore.

B:What did he say?

A:He said I 'd got the flu.

B:Oh dear!What did he tell you to do?

A:He told me to stay in bed for ten days.

B:Ten days?Would you please repeat it again?

A:Yes,ten days.

Dialogue Two

A:What dressing would you like on the salad?

B:French dressing萧山哪个英语培训机构好,please.

A:I beg your pardon?

B:Oh, French dressing.

A:Sorry,it's not available now.Anything else?

B:We still pr立刻说英语er French dressing.

A:Will you say it again?

B:Who's your manager?Tell me!Would you?

Dialogue Three

A:Could you tell me what university you want to go to,John?


A:What university would you enter?

B:University?Why?You a立刻说英语ed me last year.

A:Oh,I forget.Sorry.

B:I went to Harvard University.

A:Did you?And what course did you take there?

B:God save me!Is there anything wrong with you?Didn't I tell you?

A:I've not known.Perhaps萧山哪个英语培训机构好,I've got a bad memory.

B:I did a B.A. in economics.Remember?

A:Terrific!B.A.,again and again-B.A.

Dialogue Four

A:I like pop music very much.


A:I said I like pop music very much.It's so lovely.

B:Is it?

Dialogue Five


B:Ohm,hello,Marcia.I was...

A:I just wanted to congratulate you!I mean ,it was a good race and you deserve to win.

B:Well....thanks ,Marcia.It's very nice of you to say so.I mean....

A:It was that final sprint!You were great!Really!

B:Do you really think so?I mean,was I?Er.....you....must be disappointed.

Dialogue Six

A:Have you bought a lot of new clothes for your vacation?

BNo,I haven't.I've decided I 'm going to travel very light this time.

A:What does "travel light"mean?

B:Oh!It means that I'm going to take only a few clothes,so I didn't have to carry a heavy suitcase.


At a restaurant,my husband and I had a waitress who was just now on the job.Four munutes after taking out order,she returned to say "sorry,will you tell me again?"And then she came back with nothing.We made another selection,but my husband's choice was sold out after she came back again.We ordered a third time.Ten minutes later she appeared ,looking nervous."I fotgot to put your order in." She frankly admitted.So we had no way just to wait fot a forth time.We couldn't imagine how many times we could enjoy our meal.